Zirconia Pros and Cons. . . .

Zirconia veneers pros and cons

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Your dentist will help you get the best match for your existing teeth.

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Each veneer can range anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500. Porcelain veneers are not the only option when it comes to cosmetic teeth whitening.

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Easy to put in and take out.

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Jul 4, 2019 Background The introduction of the new generation of particle-filled and high strength ceramics, hybrid composites and technopolymers in the last decade has offered an extensive palette of dental materials broadening the clinical indications in fixed prosthodontics, in the light of minimally invasive dentistry dictates. . Zirconium veneers are one of the strongest veneer materials available and are the perfect dental procedure for repairing dental problems such as extensive decay, chipping, and fractures. The only negative is that zirconia cannot be bonded and some dentists want to bond their inlayonlays and prefer emax for that. Veneers are an excellent treatment for teeth with enamel erosion and are aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Although durable and gentle with other teeth, zirconia crowns have a couple of disadvantages.

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PFM crowns often require more of the healthy tooth to be removed for the crown to have adhered, but because zirconia crowns are so strong, a thinner dental crown can be used.

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Rarely chip, break, or become brittle.

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By weighing the pros and cons, youll be able to recommend the best option for your patients well-being.

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